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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Steps for the Enrollment:
Step 1: Goto www.swimamericakw.com
Step 2: From Home page choose New Customer or Existing Customer
Step 3: Create account (if you are New Customer)
Step 4: Enter your LogIn ID and Password (if you are Existing customer)
Before swim classes, he.she should wear
Swim caps and
Swim goggles.

For the health and safety of swimmers, children under 4 years old and children with special needs should follow the below instructions before starting their swimming lessons:

 - Infants and children 4 years old and younger must wear a swim diaper.

- Children with special needs must were a swim diaper for all ages.

- Children to use the shower before they start taking swim lessons .

- Children to use the toilet before they start taking swim lessons and after 25mins during classes.

- Never allow a child with diarrhea or other Diseases to swim.

- Parents should be aware of these instructions.

We are having Multi-National swimming instructors & certified by the American Swimming Coaches Association and Certified with First Aid, CPR, AED & Rescue.
Yes, We accept both Boys and Girls.
Yes, We do offer women only swim classes only with female coaches - No Men are allowed to use the pool during women classes.
It is an indoor swimming pool.
Five kids per instructors. SwimAmerica works on 5:1 Ratio training.
Station 1: Bubbles Station
Station 2: Floats & Glides Station
Station 3: Kicking Station
Station 4: Front Crawl Station
Station 5: Freestyle Station
Station 6: Backstroke Station
Station 7: Breaststroke & Butterfly Station
Station 8: Turns Station
Station 9: Lifetime Stroke
Station 10: Medley & Graduation
Refer Contact Us Page for the location details.
www.swimamericakw.com - for Registration & Swim class information.
https://outlet.bestsports.co - for shopping Swim products through online.
Yes, we do have age limit in our programs
WATER BABIES PROGRAM - 12months till 24months
LEARN TO SWIM PROGRAM - 2.5 years and above
SPECIAL NEEDS SWIM PROGRAM - 2.5 years and above
ADULT LEARN TO SWIM PROGRAM - 18 years and above
Yes, it is  heated with temperature between 30 - 32 degree centigrade.
Our Location Supervisor is responsible on daily  basis to evaluate your child with the  Station Advancement Goals.
Yes, the pool is SAFE because:

1- Lifeguards & rescuers are available during the swimming classes.
2- First aid.
3- Automated external defibrillator, which is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses the
life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias of ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia in a patient.
Our staff will use different  teaching tool to make sure  your child  is able to  learn the Station Advancement Goals.
We are mainly focusing on 4 things,

Our main motivation is to teach kids water safety. Our coaches are certified by ASCA, First Aid, CPR, AED & Rescue.
Swimming has long been recognized as the most complete form of exercise and it is responsible for
cardiovascular, skeletal and neuromuscular development.
Graduates of Best Aquatic(Swim America) have the necessary foundation to excel further in their swimming careers by participating in our advanced swim competitive schools.
Competitive & Non-competitive water activities are enjoyable when participants are removed from danger.