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Reasons to purchase a SwimAmerica School License:

Over the 17 year history of the SwimAmerica school, we have a very good understanding of why coaches/ Business owners choose SwimAmerica.

•They want a way to enhance their personal financial situation, both short term and with long term potential.
•They want a way to put swimmers who are properly prepared to SUCCEED on their novice swim teams or stroke school programs.
•They want to find a way to enhance the financial future of their swim clubs. (and perhaps this ties into the personal financial situation as well.)
•They want to be able to control the training and certification of their own instructors/coaches, without relying on outside agencies. This has both business and technical teaching aspects involved in it.

With SwimAmerica, the coach owns a business. They invest in the long term future of their club by controlling the influx of new swimmers who are properly prepared, and control the financial resources of their organizations.

Many coaches have found SwimAmerica school so financially rewarding that they have made coaching their second priority and SwimAmerica schools their first priority.

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